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25 Nov 2020

Rhino Ventures Asia Careers Details

Chocks Away!

We originally came together at a time when commuting to an office was the norm. A time when popping out for lunch with your friends or booking a weekend excursion was a simple matter of choice. However, we too succumbed to the global shutdown and our dream of opening our Innovation Lab in Da Nang was up in smoke. In hindsight, we took all of these simple luxuries for granted, but like Twitter and now Microsoft, we too embraced the home office trend and pressed on, armed with an array of tools to help us maximise working remotely.

By nature, venture builders have to learn to adapt fast, so above all, this period has been a really good test of character. After all, the companies we choose to launch or co-build in the coming years will rely on our ability as a team to function under pressure and adapt to ever-changing market conditions. 

Unicorns Aren’t Real

We don’t believe in fairytale Unicorns. Instead, we focus our energy on creating product-centric, impactful and self-sustainable ventures, robust enough to thrive in all seasons and challenge real human problems through relentless creative thinking and technology. Unlike startup Unicorns, a Rhino will achieve a $1B valuation on an earnings multiple not a revenue multiple - hitting the milestone organically, without the need for constant investment rounds, un-sustainable hyper-growth and inflated valuations. We believe investment comes at scale and not prior to having real active customers or product market fit.

We are largely sector agnostic, focussing on areas such as pet-tech, e-commerce & marketplaces, travel-tech, clean-tech and fin-tech. We have internal resources to develop all types of game-changing technology, from IoT and connected hardware to multi-functional software platforms and everything in-between. We use a 3-tier venture-building framework that allows us to seek and validate new opportunities through deep insight hacking, followed by value hacking in order to find product market fit and finally growth hacking, when data proves we are ready to scale up and expand.

Building a Killer Culture

The founding members of Rhino Ventures Asia are a make up of diverse, multicultural, non-conventional thinkers, currently waiting patiently for the travel industry to get back to normal, so we can finally get together. Working remotely during a pandemic has given us an interesting perspective on life and has allowed us to recharge our batteries at home with family and re-energise for what’s going to be an exciting year solving real human problems. One of our key take-aways from this experience is that although working remotely can and does work, we are after all humans and by default require a level of social stimulation in order to enhance creativity and build momentum. Of course, there are many tried and tested tools available to help us achieve a balance but this period has really emphasised that we are a people first company. 

We want to build an ambitious, disciplined and visionary team, full of people who have a passion for life both in and out of the office.. We’ve recently opened our office by the seaside, in the vibrant city of Da Nang, Vietnam. This location was specifically chosen as the city is surrounded by both nature and technology enthusiasts. The beach is almost always in sight making it an ideal environment to call home. It's no surprise it’s becoming one of the hottest destinations for technology startups and digital nomads. 

Become a Venture Builder

We’re currently hiring! If you relate to our mission, vision and purpose, come and challenge the status quo with us.

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