An introduction to MyPetGo: redefining the pet-tech space

14 Jul 2021

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What is MyPetGo many ask us?

The simple answer; the Swiss-Army Knife of Pet-Technology. It's many things in one; best described as a "complete one-stop-shop for all pet-care needs". Or, more specifically, it's an in-house built health & location monitor, procesausing actual data from pets (using the monitor), applying AI-based recommendations, linking up to an ecosystem of local pet-care service providers.

While there are some great monitors globally in the market, they're often bound to a specific country for location tracking. In other words, they don't offer world wide coverage. The other common denominator is how data and vital health values are widely simulated and far from reality. On top of this, there is no next step or recommendations on what you, as a pet parent, can do to improve the life and expectancy of your beloved pet.

The list goes on and on. With that in mind, we set out to create the most powerful, accurate, and functional health and location monitor to work globally for dogs, cats and, later, horses. 

Instead of standard global positioning (GPS) to track location, we use a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) to work across the globe, covering 150 countries, coupled with e-sim instead of local sim cards in each market.

MyPetGo - a complete "One-stop-pet-tech-solution:"

This allows you, to track your pet's location more accurately in case of the pet running away, getting lost, or the more recent cases, of pet-napping.

Moreover, we use state-of-the-art technology components with sensors picking up health data like temperature, heart rate, pulse, stress and anxiety via HRV, sleep patterns and pain points, weight (through an initial manual input) and itchiness and skin diseases.

With this data on hand our artificial intelligence, which we like to call "decision intelligence", recommends a practical next step to what you, as a pet owner, or professional, can do to improve your pet's livelihood then and there.

> Not only is there a recommendation on what to do but also who can do it for you. In other words, we link you up to the most suitable local service provider in your area to cater to the specific need of your pet at that point.

These recommendations can be highly preventive measures, such as the monitor has picked up irregular heart rate over some time. As a next step, we recommend speaking to a Tele-Vet as the first course of action to get guided to what you can do or if you need to seek out a specialist. If the latter yet again, there will be a recommendation and link up for this.

Or if you forget your pet in the car on a hot day, you're supposed to only buy ice cream, but your mind wanders off, and you're all of a sudden grocery shopping. As the temperature increases in the car, it also does in the pet's body, and this would trigger a notification to be sent to you because the temperature has increased by X, so you know to check on your pet immediately. If that notification is not answered, you will receive a phone call.

With many professionals returning in some fashion to an office in full, or some capacity, in what way will this affect our beloved pets when left alone for a prolonged time? We track stress and anxiety levels through HRV (Heart Rate Variability) and will be able to tell you if your pet is stressed out. If so, we can recommend pet-boarding, daycare or pet walkers/sitters.

Another example could be when your pet scratches in a particular way, we know this is due to a mild skin disease; the AI would recommend paraben-free grooming products.

If the pet were overweight or underweight compared to the norm for the same breed, age or gender, the AI would recommend a new exercise regime and/or meal plans.

It could also be as simple as lifestyle reminders and recommendations, such as "our data indicates you're running out of kibbles or shampoo. Would you like to place a new order?"

Over time, the AI will get more sophisticated. Over time, machine learning will enhance, and further deliver groundbreaking, and sometimes life-saving, recommendations to ultimately benefit the pet, simplify pet parenting, and make pet owners more responsible caretakers.

We give your pet a voice:

MyPetGo Monitor:

With the monitor attached to your pet's neck, it will help you to: 

MyPetGo Ecosystem:

The ecosystem has four main verticals: 

We intend to grow these verticals over time.

MyPetGo data visualisation and AI: 

We have created a SuperApp that brings the health and location data together with the ecosystem. The health and location data will be shared in a meaningful and easy-to-understand way through notifications, SMS, email and/or PDF reports.

These reports, along with biometric data, medical records, vaccinations, medication requirements and vitamin/supplements intake, will also stored in the journal feature. The journal comes with a reminder-setter that helps to alert bookings for subsequent appointments for things such as vaccinations, grooming, nose-to-tail checkups or regular pill intake.

The "Decision Intelligence" as we like to call it, or, more specifically, the AI, is built with medical and animal behaviour specialists to recommend the most appropriate next steps and link one up to trusted and vetted pet-care professionals.

Over time, the AI will get more advanced and provide better recommendations based on breed, age, gender, weight, and current overall condition.

> Our vision is to: Build the most advanced pet-health-monitors and pet-tech solutions, using real-time data to help pet-caregivers make the right decision to improve and prolong pets' lives.

As we're just coming out of stealth mode and have moved into our pre-launch phase, we'd very much like the opportunity to meet like-minded people and companies.

If you're a pet-tech company that would like to explore getting integrated into our ecosystem of service providers, do reach out to us. If you're a pet lover and individual who would like to contribute or join our team, let us know. If you're an investor, VC or capital partner, who believes in the ever-growing and evolving pet-tech industry, do let us know.

Reach us at:

Over the next few weeks and months, we will continue to introduce our health and location monitor and ecosystem more in-depth and introduce our team members who are all passionate pet lovers and technologists. We will also take you through our alternative capital sourcing and pre-sales activities on Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, Korean Wadiz and Japanese Campfire. In addition, we will cover the latest pet tech and pet industry trends and cover our colleagues in the pet space. 

We're launching our pre-sales activities at the end of summer, and for more information on the current campaign page visit: MyPetGo

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